First things first, Melancholia (2011) (Film Review)

On seeing the trailer for this film, I was not only excited but completely confused as to what the storyline was about. Normally, this combination of excitement and confusion leads to a great film watching experience. Then there was Melancholia. Essentially, its a film about Kirsten Dunst showing her boobs and the world as we know it ending because Earth is hit by another planet.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for boobs being shown in films but I failed to see the point of it in this film and found it a little tragic that they felt it necessary. Miss Dunst’s character, I understand, had been suffering from an illness for a good few years before we are introduced to her on her wedding day. What this illness is, I’m pretty sure we never find out although it appers to be a mental health illness (of sorts- she just ‘knows things’ apparently). Her condition, let’s call it ‘George’, then leads Justine (Kirsten Dunst) to separate from her husband on their wedding day, sleep with a colleague, scream at her boss and quit her job then appear to have little reaction to the fact that the world is about to end. George had a lot to say for himself THAT day I can tell you. Meanwhile, Justine’s brother-in-law John (Kiefer Sutherland), runs about his very big house and golf course moaning that he has such a big house and golf course and why isn’t anyone PAYING HIM ANY ATTENTION?!. It’s not 24 is it Kief? Can I call you Kief?
Then Earth is hit by another planet, Melancholia, and everyone dies. The End.
The only thought is provoked was ‘hmm what would I do if I knew the end of mankind was heading towards us’. My answer? I’d do nothing either.
Maybe I’ve got a touch of George too?
Needless to say, that is two hours I will never get back. Arse.

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