Sometimes Growing Up Is Hard – Little Larry (Film Review)

‘Little Larry’

Who doesn’t love watching children pretending to be adults? Well, quite frankly, no one. It’s cute.

As part of Virgin Media Shorts competition, Keychainproductions delivers this and more in their short film ‘Little Larry’, in which we see a small boy depicting the life of a lonely adult. Beautifully made in black and white, with a child-like soundtrack, any young adult out there will immediately relate to ‘Larry’ as he finds real life adulthood hard to handle and just a little bit lonely. There’s no doubt, Little Larry has asked himself the age old question, ‘so you mean I just get up and do the same thing everyday then I retire and die?’, as we all have at some point in our lives.

Filled with silent tube journeys, walking the dog and meals for one (beans on toast, a staple of any singleton’s diet), we watch as Larry meets his match in a little girl in the park, who turns out to be the key to making him smile, grow up and ditch his monochrome ways. All in all, this short film has everything you could want: a little boy shaving and wearing a suit, a cheeky little soundtrack, beans on toast and romance. Oh and real life couple Hannah Spearritt (Sssss Clubbbbb) and Andrew Lee Potts (Real life Little Larry).

‘Little Larry’ proves that you should indeed work with both children and animals. Especially if either are prepared to wear adult clothing.

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