Joie de Vivre – Untouchable (2011/2012) (Film Review)

To say this is the best film I have seen this year may be an overstatement but this is the best film I’ve seen this year. Despite having subtitles, I’ve never been a fan of anything I have to read, this film is funny, warm, inspiring, sad and just bloody brilliant. I even spilt my entire box of popcorn over my friend through laughing too much. I’m not sorry.  

Based on a true story, Untouchable is set in modern day Paris, where we see a young ex-con, Driss (Omar Sy), become a carer and confidant to Philippe (François Cluzet), a rich quadriplegic. After spending many years paralysed from the neck down and in a wheel chair, Phillipe finds Driss’ no pity, ‘answer your own phone’, attitude a breath of fresh air and the two become firm friends as they get up to all sorts of mischief. Including driving a very flashy car very fast through the streets of Paris. Vroom!

Not only are class, race, and age differences highlighted in this film, the boundary between the able bodied and the disabled is focused on and purposefully blurred like a well taken photo. In our everyday lives, we focus so much on people’s disabilities or what they can’t do, we often forget what they can still do. Most importantly, have fun and live their lives. Untouchable  portrays this beautifully and as a viewer, it’s refreshing to be able to throw political correctness out the cinema window for a couple of ours and laugh when Driss gives Philippe Hitler moustache as he knows he can’t stop him.

Don’t give me that look, watch the film and you’ll see what I mean.

The humorous portrayal of disability and the simplicity of this film make it a must see and has even made me want to see more films with subtitles.


Ok, maybe not but I would watch this one again, does that count?

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