Looper (2012) (Film Review)

Lots of blood, flying motorbikes, time travel and telekinetic children. Frankly, what more do you need from a film? Looper is a far cry from The Time Traveller’s Wife with time travel going underground and being used as a method for disposing of bodies from the future.

Set in 2044’s America, we see Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) going about his Looper business before coming across himself, also called Joe…coincidence, from 30 years in the future, who has been sent back to be killed by him but he doesn’t kill his future self because his future self knocks him out (Go Brucey!) and runs away to find a child to kill him because he’s trying to kill him in the future. Confused? Yep, so was I.

Despite the endless killing, creepy children and a rugged looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Looper’s message is one of love and the lengths you will go to to protect those around you, whether it be your child, parent or partner and how your priorities may change throughout your life. I was gripped from the beginning and for the first time in a long while, I was anxious for most of the 118 minutes. It took me at least an hour to finish my pint for goodness sake. Gripping stuff.

Bruce Willis (Joe from the future) is his usual, brilliant John McClane with a hint of compassion, comedy and gritty determination as he avenges his future wife’s death from the past. Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you see it, I promise.

The future me promised you that by the way so don’t blame me if you don’t understand it, I haven’t promised that yet. Ahem.

With a gripping twist to the end, which I worked out half way through but hey ho, Looper will keep you entertained until the very last moment and possibly make you never want to have children. Despite them being very cute in between terrifyingly murderous tele-kinetic episodes.

Emily Blunt is also in it, wielding a shot gun, which is A-OK with me.

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